Our Mission

We are committed to supporting Toronto and Canadian-based dog rescue. 10% from the sale of each product goes directly to rescues that support pups in need. Our donations fund veterinary care, dog food, supplies and transport missions.
We are not affiliated with any particular dog rescue and support several rescues. We hope to increase the number of dogs we can support as our customer base grows! To date we have supported, Fetch and Releash, Save Our Scruff, Sea Paws Rescue, New Collar Collective, and Stray to Play. 
This mission is near and dear to our hearts.
After learning more about the influx of dogs across the world in need of safe and caring homes, we researched local ways to make a change. We became foster parents for two loving dogs from Canada and the USA who eventually found homes with dedicated and responsible owners. Then, in 2019, we adopted Dakota. The pup behind PUP + PINE! Her story is much like many others. Found on the side of the road in Texas, taken in by a local shelter and on a list to be killed because there were just too many dogs to support. 
Dakota has brought so much joy into our lives and connected us with the amazing and ever-growing rescue community.
When creating a business, it was critical to us that each purchase would give back directly to dog rescues and ensure that dogs like Dakota were given a second chance at a wonderful life. We are so excited to have you join us in our mission!